Celebrities and Body Image

Celebrities and body image are a notoriously fickle combination.  Whether they want to become a point of comparison or not, actors, musicians, and other entertainers are thrust into the public eye.  Despite having some sort of skills or talent that initially made them famous, this is not what the paparazzi chooses to focuses on.  Instead, if you open any magazine at the checkout counter of Publix, you’ll see celebrities being ridiculed for their body shape, hair styles, and clothing choices.

After decades of this being the norm, celebrities are speaking out.  This Buzzfeed article features some of my favorite celebrity come backs, as powerful individuals speak out to stop the paparazzi and other celebrities from commenting negatively on their body and choices.  Although only women are featured in this article, I am sure that there have also been great quotes from people of all genders in the industry, fighting back against rude and unnecessary remarks.

So in case you’re feeling down about how much attention is placed on superficial things like looks, check out what these women had to say in response.  I’ve put some of my favorites below!

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By:  Julia Greenspan


5 thoughts on “Celebrities and Body Image

  1. I love seeing posts like this because I think it empowers other people who have maybe been through similar situations to be strong and push the harsh words away. I definitely believe there are some replies from male celebrities to comments like these, but by far there many more female celebrities that have to deal with this. This is because there is such an emphasis in today’s society for women to look and act a specific way, and since celebrities are always the center of attention, they get the blunt of these comments if they don’t look that way. I think all celebrities should just embrace their body image, and all celebrities should continue to learn to comment back just like Adele & Gabourey did. I think everyone has something to learn from that.


  2. This new body-positivity is so strong and such a force for good in the public media. I only worry that young girls are still being too inundated with harmful messages about what their bodies should be like despite these fabulous women speaking out against those messages. The battle is going to be a long one, but this is a great start!


  3. It’s great to see such powerful, accomplished women like Gabourey, Serena Williams, and Adele combat the media to speak of the endless amount of criticism over celebrities bodies. The media focuses way too much on celebrity appearance over talent which is so sad!


  4. It is really inspiring to see celebrities addressing these issues, and showing young people that there is so much more out there to define yourself besides how much you weigh. I think the scrutiny of being in the public eye can be very difficult as a celebrity, and the interplay between celebrity actions and public reactions can be used as either a powerful learning tool or to highlight character flaws, but in this situation the women are definitely using scrutiny to help and inspire others.


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