Toy Like Me

In a culture where ideal body standards are created and perpetuated by the beauty industry, it may seem like there is nothing you can do, but it’s not out of your hands. You can take a stand and make a difference in creating a more body positive culture. A group of parents did just that by creating a social media campaign called “Toy Like Me” in an effort to encourage parents to customize their children’s toys to include accessories and physical characteristics of children of all body types and with various disabilities. Creating these dolls is important because children with disabilities deserve to see their own characteristics reflected in their toys. Parents across the world responded to the campaign by customizing their children’s dolls to include hearing aids, walkers, birth marks, prosthetic limbs, etc.

In response to the campaign, a British toy company, Makies, designed a new line of dolls that are representative of children with disabilities. Makies uses 3D printing to create hearing aids, walking aids, and even facial birthmarks for the dolls. The company even allows parents to customize the dolls to personally resemble their child’s specific physical characteristics. The company “hopes that a more positive representation of children through their toys will help make our society more inclusive, and kids with disabilities will stop trying to follow the impossible and unnatural ‘beauty standards’ and standards of conformity which we’re all used to when they get older.”

So remember, you have a voice and you can create a more body positive society.

makies dolls

By Sarah London


8 thoughts on “Toy Like Me

  1. Love this! It is extremely important to remember that you don’t need to conform to a certain image and being “ideal” is what you make it to be. I remember not too long ago that Barbie made dolls of different sizes but I love that this is individualized!


  2. It is so great to see parents ensuring their children grow up with a positive body image of themselves. For so long we have let media and companies drive the images that contribute to society’s ideal image, so to see parent’s take matters into their own hands is awesome.


  3. This is a great idea, and I think this will really help promote diversity. It is an important step toward the ultimate goal of including diversity in all we do, and I think stressing this importance to children will significantly help the issue in the future.


  4. It is a great idea to show that society’s idea of marketable aren’t blemish-free dolls. Only recently did dolls of different races start to become readily available. These dolls would help develop a positive body image and help children become more accepting of diversity.


  5. These toys are so beautiful. They really touch my heart because it makes me think twice about the blessings that many us take for granted. We should celebrate all the physical conditions that we are in. Whether we wear a hearing aid or a cast or an eyepatch, we are all beautiful.
    Also, the toys make me think twice about my vanity. While I obsess about that one pimple that appeared on my skin, there are victims of burns who will never have the same texture of skin again. While I obsess about my hair, there are some who have lost their locks due to cancer. While I obsess about my weight, there are millions starving in other countries. Toys like this should be made available to everyone, just so we can be reminded that we are all perfect.


  6. This makes my heart so happy! It is so great to hear that parents are stepping up and taking the initiative to provide their children with toys that encourages positive body image and even better, that toy companies are recognizing the need and complying to the request. Children need to see that they are enough, perfectly enough, with all the qualities that make them unique. What would be the next step for toys and children? It would be amazing to see dolls of mixed race like myself! Or better yet, somehow represent all those people with “hidden illnesses” like depression, ADHD, and Down Syndrome. Once we begin to accept the way people are, we will begin to see a positive change towards body-image and self-esteem among children and adults alike.


  7. Creating a more body positive society is such an important task that we are all responsible for. The “Toy Like Me” campaign is a great example of how anyone can make a difference in changing the way we talk about body issues and loving who we are. Children with disabilities need to grow up knowing they don’t need to have a certain look to be beautiful and loved. This campaign is a fun way to promote inclusivity within our society.


  8. When young girls play with their dolls that appear to have “the perfect body image”, I agree that it leads to a negative influence on what they see as the standard. And by not fitting into this standard could easily lead to loss in one’s self confidence and respect. Thus, this “Toy Like Me” campaign is a brilliant idea that will help promote that beauty can come in all forms and help not only girls, but others appreciate the differences among individuals.


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